“Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all those other things will be added unto you. “

Matthew 6:33

If you want to know God’s perfect will for you or what am I supposed to do in this life, then go after God.  It is that easy.  You have to get to know the one that knows everything about you then you will know everything about the next step he has for you.  If you don’t spend time getting to know your creator, then how can you know what you are supposed to do.  I can tell you, until I figured this out I did not know what was my calling in life.  It was so discouraging that at times I wanted to just quit life.  Nothing seemed to work out for me and it was never happy with my self or anyone else.  Until you truly go after God and just drop everything else then that is when you figure out part of your journey.  God will give you glimpses of the next stage many times.  The best part is that if you just fall in love with God then the rest comes forward.  It is really that simple. We make it so hard because we want God on our time table which is a fast past life and he does not work like that.

Today, make a change.  Go after him, I mean really do it.  Start your journey giving him a chance to show him what he has for you.  I can guarantee you that it is a great life he has set for you.  You are called by him to be on a mission for him to change lives.  He has much for you along the way filled with so much joy and happiness that you can not even imagine.  He made you so he knows what you have inside you ready to explode with anticipation of what is next in your life.

If you are having trouble getting started, I have written a book called “Stand on the Word”.   It is to get you started.  I make it so simple to start your daily routine with God.  This book gives you everything you need to start this daily walk.  I get you confessing scriptures over your life that will make a difference.  As you read, I encourage you to see how God sees you and you will understand how You can use the word in your life to change things.  If you have never got excited about God, I can assure you that you will after reading this book.  It is how I got to where I am today.  I give you the plan to get started.

Let us help you move forward.  You will never be the same again.