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Friends, Family and Partners, I am very excited to announce the launch of Chantell Cooley Ministries (CCM). It has been a dream of mine to become more involved in the ministry as God continues to reveal my particular place in His Kingdom. As owner and Vice President of Columbia Southern University and CEO of Waldorf University, I have seen God show His hand in many ways as He continually uses my family to change lives through education. Many years ago, my family began a very difficult and close to impossible adventure just seeking a better life for ourselves. Everywhere we looked, it seemed utterly impossible to make movement. We were bankrupt and could not keep a car in our driveway without it getting repossessed. We would be up one day and then down the next. We saw the mountaintops with nice homes and cars and even a swimming pool, but just as high as we got, we got that much low still.  We moved over seven times during my younger years and faced many challenges. However, my family still found a way to propel ourselves forward by the grace of God.  We plowed through the mountains of defeat set before us.

Today, after much prayer and faith, we now own one of the largest online universities in the nation. Columbia Southern University was birthed by God and now changes lives with over 1200 faculty and staff taking us to the next level daily. We continue to grow with over 30,000 online adult learners going after their dreams. The best part is that we are helping them move forward and fulfill their dreams.

Now, I feel God calling me to help change lives in a different arena. I will always keep one foot in the marketplace, but this is a season for me to start moving into the ministry as well. The unique calling that God has placed on me and my team is to help leaders lead themselves in the workplace and to find their passions. As they do that, they will find their purpose at work and at home.  What we are seeing today is that the marketplace is growing with more and more men and women working. Over 57percent of women are now in the workforce today ( It is time for women to rise up and take their place so that they can move forward with God’s calling on their lives, and I believe that part of my role is to help empower women to do all they are called to do.

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Another change we have seen in the marketplace is that millennials are becoming the largest workforce, surpassing baby boomers. Those of us in the marketplace have a strong anointing and call on our lives to make a difference, and my goal is to help all generations move forward with God. I have a special anointing to help those in leadership positions in the workplace to understand how their positions of mentorship can change this nation’s workforce (

I believe my ministry is appointed for such a time as this to change the marketplace and to motivate people to believe in themselves—that they can do whatever they set their hands to. I want to help show people their value and what God has put inside them, and to ignite them to go after the call of God on their lives. This will start to release success on those who are trapped in the bondage of bankruptcy and financial issues. According to Joshua 1:8, we are called to be successful in everything we do. It’s time for us to rise up in the marketplace and take on the call that God has charged us with—men and women full of passion to be used by God. It is time to rise up!