Equipped for the Game of Life

Equipped for the Game of Life

equipped for the game of life book

Equipped for The Game of Life is a workbook series inspired by and based on the book Winning The Game Of Life by Chantell Cooley. This book is designed for strategic and systematic mentoring and provides a whole-person approach to preparing young men and women for the challenges of life, whether they are found at home, college or in the workplace. It equips them with tools that are not part of traditional college curricula, or even workplace training, but are vital for the growth and development of the young adult. In this first course, the reader will learn how to recognize the building blocks of a successful life and how to effectively respond to and make the changes needed to lay the right foundation for the future.

$9.99 – Paperback

“In this book, Chantell Cooley, my spiritual daughter, who is also a very successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, demystifies scriptural meditation and gives you the one key you need to be successful. In easy-to-read, everyday English, Chantell expounds on the power of the Word of God, the benefits of scriptural meditation, and most importantly, she teaches you how to meditate on the Word. Also, Chantell shares with the reader some of her lifelong favorite scriptures and confessions that have been the cornerstone of her success. If you are Christian caught in a cycle of poverty and stagnation, you will find the answer to your progress in this book.”

Dr. Marilyn Hickey
President and Founder
Marilyn Hickey Ministries