Prophetic Vision for 2018

In this week's episode of Moving Forward, I am joined by a very special guest, Solomon Ofori-Ansah. We discuss my prophetic vision for 2018, and how to best move ourselves forward this year.

The Story of Joshua and the Importance of Connecting with Others

Join us for this week's episode of Moving Forward where I am joined by Mike Malburg from Columbia Southern University. We discuss the biblical story of Joshua, and utilizing the important lessons from this story in improving our lives.

Understanding Personality Types

Join us for our next episode of Moving Forward where we discuss understanding the 4 personality types, and how doing so can make you a more effective leader.

Developing Leadership

In our revamped podcast series, Moving Forward,  we start off with discussing the importance of mentoring in developing successful leaders in the workplace. Chantell is joined by Mike Malburg, Associate Director of Software Development at Columbia Southern University. He shares some thoughtful insights on how mentoring has helped him develop as as successful leader.

Emotional Intelligence

In today's ever-changing business environment, it's important to seek ways to connect with employees and make the connections to help increase productivity. In this week's episode, we are joined by Dayna Fuller, Director of Instructional Design and Technology at Columbia Southern Education Group, who discusses the importance of utilizing emotional intelligence as an effective leader.

Angels All Around, Pt. 11

Tune in for the final episode of our Angels All Around series where we will discuss the various angels that were in Jesus' life, and the profound impact that they had.

Angels All Around, Pt. 10

In episode 10 of our Angels All Around series, we discuss fallen angels and the Book of Job. Why do we not connect with them, and why they are angry at us? Check it out and learn more about this interesting topic.

Angels All Around, Pt. 9

Ever wonder why some people are visited or spoken to by angels, while others are not? Be sure to tune in and find out.

Angels All Around, Pt. 8

In episode 8 of Angels All Around, we continue the discussion on birth announcements, and learn more about the birth of John the Baptist.

Angels All Around, Pt. 7

Learn all about angels and birth announcements in the newest installment of Angels All Around, a special series from Going Off Scripture.