The 7 Gifts of Success

Romans 12 states that each one of us is gifted with one of seven specific gifts of ministry and motivation. These are gifts given to us by god, to not only help ourselves, but others as well. Each of the gifts are are also incredibly important in learning to deal with others in the workplace. In this episode, Chantell and Marilyn discuss the first of these gifts, Prophecy.

Selling Your Master Plan

Great leaders attract followers. These followers will always be drawn towards those who they believe in. In this podcast, we draw upon the leadership of Nehemiah, whose strength was drawn upon by prayer, hard work, and proper planning. These three components are important for the success of developing great leaders, as well as helping to create successful teams.

Passing the Mantle

Not only is it important to pass on our professional knowledge to the younger generations, it is even more important to pass on the mantle of our biblical principles to our loved ones, ensuring they will lead a valuable life, living in the word of God. In this episode, Marilyn and Chantell will share some of their knowledge on how to pass on the mantle in both your professional and spiritual life.

Wisdom for Success

In order to achieve success in both our personal and professional lives, the acquisition of wisdom should be of utmost importance. Not only do we acquire wisdom from our life experiences, but its also incredibly important to have a mentor in your life that can share their wisdom with you. In this episode, Chantell and Marilyn some bits of wisdom that have helped them to become the successful women that they are today.

Adjusting to Life's Changes

In today's hectic and fast times, we must learn to be very flexible in every aspect of our life. In this podcast, Marilyn and Chantell discuss the many challenges that we face, and how to best adapt to them.

The Joys and Challenges of Parenting

Children are one of god's greatest gifts that we are given. As amazing as they may be, raising children can surely be one of the greatest challenges that a parent can face. However, with some hard work and instilling them with sound beliefs and principles, we can help them reach their true potential that God has envisioned for them.

Success Through Adversity

Standing on the Word through faith and adversity is the recipe for success. Only through adversity can we truly become successful.

Erase the Fear in Your Life

Fear can be a challenging aspect in our everyday lives. We must look for ways to overcome such fears to become successful in all that we do.

Building Upon Your Confidence

Confidence is not something that comes naturally for us all. In order to be confident in all that you do, practice makes perfect.