This is a question I have asked myself and God so many times as I was trying to figure out what was I supposed to do with my life. I knew that working in the marketplace was part of my purpose, but what else?

As I speak to and meet new people, I often hear so many asking the same question about their purpose in life?

I have a revelation on this! If we go to Matthew 6:33 in the bible,  it talks about seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all those other things will be added to your life. I think if we stop and think about this scripture, it really gives us the strategy to find our purpose in life.

As I began to think up on this, I realized that my purpose was to go deeper with God like never before. As I did, my purpose would be revealed. Going after God has been a lifetime journey for me. It wasn’t until I fully realized it is all about me getting to know God on a daily basis did I step into it with my whole heart.

I found as I got closer to God by having a daily time set aside for that private time with God did I began to see my purpose start to make sense.

I found as I got closer to God by having a daily time set aside for that private time with God did I began to see my purpose start to make sense. I made sure I did not miss times with God daily. I would get up very early, before anyone else, and spend time reading the bible, confessing my scriptures and finally praying for a period of time. My day would start much better and I began to smile again knowing I was digging deeper with God.

The more consistent I became, the more my heart became content in the fact that I was going somewhere. You see, God is the key to everything. He knows all about us. He knows what is ahead, and how we should be prepared for all the other things he has planned for us.

My walk with God has been so uplifting and fulfilling that each day I want more of God. My life is so blessed and favor falls upon me because I put that time into the word, reading it and praying upon it daily.

I encourage you to seek God deeper than ever before by spending time with him and starting your daily walk. Just give it a week, I know you will begin to see changes in your life.

In my new book, Stand on the Word, I do just that. I help you establish that daily time by giving you scriptures to meditate on and pray over you and your family. Making this a priority will cause the word to work for you. I have specific prayers already written out for you to read aloud during your prayer time that will really stir you up. If you want movement in your life, and your family’s life, you have to begin to pray by faith that your circumstances will shift and divine appointments will come your way. Praying for salvation for your family, and that God opens doors of opportunity are the key points I teach in this small book.

Take this next week to start your focus on God in a deeper way than ever before. You will be beginning to feel full of expectancy and that your life is meaningful and God will begin to open new doors for you as you grow to know him more.

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