Growing up, I was motivated by my parents to be a history-maker.  They would say, “Don’t just exist! Make your mark in life.”  Their advice was always on the same theme. “Chantell, go down in the books as someone who made a difference, had great influence on others and could lead them to winning in life.”  From that point on, I often asked myself, “How do I want to be remembered?”

As human beings, we have so many opportunities to make a difference and to change lives—opportunities to be an example of someone who persevered over mountains and against all odds.  We need to see examples of people who succeeded—when they felt like giving up, they never did.  We need to see examples of people who were in poverty and struggled to make ends meet, but they came out of it successfully and can now pay their bills. If we take time to think of stories where we somehow made it through a storm and came out on the other side, these are the stories that others need to hear. Those stories are history-making stories to pass on to others. They will help so many people to not give up but to keep going, even when they don’t have hope.

We don’t have to be a movie star or someone who is rich and famous.  We just have to share our lives and how we have survived.  That is your testimony.  You might not have it all together, but who does?  Share your hard times and then what motivated you to go against all odds. That is all a part of how you have made history.

My family had a hard time making history.  Most of the time, we would make history the wrong way more than the right way. Our testimony was full of defeat. Everything was against us.  We were so far in debt, it would take a miracle to come out of it. People did not believe that we could be a history-making family.  We were shunned and overlooked so many times.  My dad would get passed up for job interviews even though he had the skills for the job.  We got so far in debt that the church had to bring us food to eat. These were very low times for us.

But when no one believes in you on the outside, you have to dig deep and believe in yourself. You have to pull yourself up from the pit and decide if you will continue going this route or if you will make changes and start believing that you will come out of this mess and be a history-maker.

It is really up to you! Once you decide, things will begin to change.  You might have one good day out of the entire month, but that is a start.  The point is to never stop believing you were made to be a history-maker.

This is exactly what my family did.  We might have lost everything, but we did have one thing—God.  He was on our side, and He had big plans for my family.  Those plans were not visible at the time and a lot had to take place just to get us back on our feet, but we chose to hold on to God and believe what He said about us.  He said that we were the head, not the tail and above, not beneath.  We were more than conquerors, and we were full of greatness.  We stopped looking and dwelling on where we were at the moment, which was a broken-down camp house with only one car and not much money for food. Instead, we began to see ourselves as prosperous, believing that we would come out of poverty one day. We saw our future before anyone but God could—that we were a family that came from the bottom and made it to the top.

We did make it out of those extremely difficult times, and today we continue to remember where we came from. We use our past to show others that there is always hope, especially when you let God take over your life.  God wants to show off with our lives and use us to help others.  Our stories will give other people hope to go after their dreams and to believe in themselves that they can too be history-makers.

If you are ready to be a history-maker, here are a few tips to get you going:

  1. The first step is to ask yourself this: ‘Are you tired of being where you are in life?’ If you said yes, that is the first step to being a history-maker.
  2. Once you decide that you have had enough, start praying that God will open new doors of opportunity and bring in specific people to help you move forward.
  3. Expect great things in your life and nothing less. This is a mental game as well, so stay positive about your future. Be sure to dwell on what God says about you, not what others think or say.
  4. Make God a priority in your life, and be confident that He has something great for you to do and accomplish.
  5. Spend time with God daily by reading the Bible and confessing the Word, and believe that God will bring you through.
  6. Read books that help you to realize your dreams and visions for your life.Start stirring yourself up to go against all odds.

Finally, remember, you have things to do!  Now, go after them.