Stand on the Word

Stand on the Word

stand on the word

If you are caught in cycles of poverty or failure, or even if you just want to be happy and successful in life, Stand on the Word is for you. With true-life testimonies, Chantell Cooley shows the power and benefits of meditating on the Word of God and gives you the strategy to break free. As well, Chantell shares her favorite life-long scriptures and confessions that have helped launch her to success.

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“In this book, Chantell Cooley, my spiritual daughter, who is also a very successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, demystifies scriptural meditation and gives you the one key you need to be successful. In easy-to-read, everyday English, Chantell expounds on the power of the Word of God, the benefits of scriptural meditation, and most importantly, she teaches you how to meditate on the Word. Also, Chantell shares with the reader some of her lifelong favorite scriptures and confessions that have been the cornerstone of her success. If you are Christian caught in a cycle of poverty and stagnation, you will find the answer to your progress in this book.”

Dr. Marilyn Hickey
President and Founder
Marilyn Hickey Ministries