Changing Lives Through the Power of the Word

Chantell Cooley Ministries (CCM) is a non-denominational international Christian ministry headquartered in Alabama, bringing Christ’s message of hope and redemption to a suffering world and promoting a mature, balanced and biblical understanding of true prosperity in the Body of Christ. The ministry is built on the foundation that the Bible is the Inspired Living Word of God with the power to save and to deliver individuals, families and people groups from a life of poverty into success. The ministry reflects the experience, depths, passion and values of its founder, Chantell Mayes Cooley, and seeks to cause a revival in the marketplace and to impart the knowledge and anointing necessary for success through the teaching and ministry of the Word of God. CCM seeks to challenge the believer to dive deeper into the scriptures, develop a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, and pursue a life of surrender to the leadership and power of the Holy Spirit. Recognizing the need for social relevance, the organization has a holistic approach to the message of the Gospel and Christian ministry and is committed to practical ways to better the lives of people through Education, Poverty Eradication, Feeding the Hungry and Wealth Building in communities and people groups around the world.


The mission of Chantell Cooley Ministries is to transform workplace culture and to equip people to find their identity and purpose in life, to develop strong foundations for their future, and to be successful in their career pursuits and life callings.

Vision Statement

Chantell Cooley Ministries seeks to be a leader in offering leadership and workplace advancement solutions all over the world, equipping and empowering working men and women, entrepreneurs, businessmen and women to be fulfilled, successful and effective witnesses for Christ in their spheres of influence.