'leadership' Tagged Posts

'leadership' Tagged Posts

Dealing with Transition in Our Lives

In this episode of Moving Forward, Chantell welcomes back Pastor Buford Lipscomb of Liberty Church. They discuss transitioning from the various stages of our lives, and everything that comes along with it.

Moving Forward in Leadership Development

In this episode, Chantell is joined by Chelsea Hoffman, Chief of Staff at Columbia Southern University. Chelsea shares her leadership principles that have helped her to become successful in both the marketplace and at home.

Spiritual Leaders Amongst Us

Buford Lipscomb, Senior Pastor at Liberty Church joins us for an in-depth discussion on the importance of spiritual leaders in our lives, and also the impact that he had upon Chantell’s life.

The Truth of Leadership

Chantell is joined in this week’s episode by Ken Styron, President of Columbia Southern University. In it, they discuss the truth of leadership and how to best prepare for everything that comes along with being a leader.